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Where you make failure into fun.

Making Failure Fun.
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Welcome to the community where it is win to lose.

Ever have a moment in your life where it went particularly horrible and you noticed how much a failure you are or someone around that event was? With the moment, did you laugh or snort at how ridiculous you are for sucking? Then this is a place for you to vent and share those stories of when you sucked at life and still had the ability to laugh about it.

This is OH FAIL. Where you make failure into fun.
[1] No promotions please.

[2] Long posts should but put under a cut just to save friends pages. Long posts might make a fail on someone’s journal, but you know, it‘s just courtesy.

[3] Please to be not making super emotional posts that will make people cry or feel awkward. Be civil.

[4] Anything that fails can go in here, doesn‘t have to be about you, you failure.

[5] If you live in Fail, Viseu Portugal, you are a hero.
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