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nom on me (1:51:36 AM): school is retarded.
"Joe" (1:51:47 AM): Srsly.
"Joe" (1:52:02 AM): Can you high-five people at your school?
nom on me (1:52:13 AM): no
nom on me (1:52:19 AM): mexicans they're mexicans
nom on me (1:52:23 AM): and they'll shoot you
"Joe" (1:52:29 AM): ...
"Joe" (1:52:33 AM): ...what?
nom on me (1:52:35 AM): ...
nom on me (1:52:36 AM): they're
nom on me (1:52:37 AM): lmfao
nom on me (1:52:38 AM): Im
nom on me (1:52:39 AM): awake
nom on me (1:52:40 AM): ROTFL
nom on me (1:52:42 AM): DSKFKSJDFK:LSJKDGGDS
nom on me (1:52:44 AM): WHAT TH EUCK
nom on me (1:52:46 AM): DID I TYPE
nom on me (1:52:46 AM): OMG


Aug. 18th, 2008

{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
"As long as people are going to call you a lunatic anyway, why not get the benefit of it? It liberates you from convention." <----HAH
The Girl Anachronism says:
The Girl Anachronism says:
quote's from Wicked. I've been meaning to put that in my profile for a week, but I couldn't find my copy of the book. XD
{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
I read a sex scene from that book once...
{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
it made me go "O.O"
The Girl Anachronism says:
The Girl Anachronism says:
what was it about? there's a few in there.
{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
I remember something about a midgit and a tiger.
The Girl Anachronism says:
{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
The Girl Anachronism says:
that was an interesting scene. it's all relative, though, to the way the book plays out. it was a Tiger, not a tiger. in the book, animals with a capital A are like....refined. XD they talk/think. Like the cowardly lion in the original wizard of Oz.
{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
oh, so it wasn't a tiger. it was a tiger with a suit?
The Girl Anachronism says:
The Girl Anachronism says:
The Girl Anachronism says:
The Girl Anachronism says:
{ama.ran.thine} I've been just waiting and hesitating with this heart of mine says:
well, seriously. XD
May I just say?

I fucking love this community. I fucking love you guys.

Failas fo life, yo. <3

I got a big list for ya...Collapse )

In other news, I think I definitely need some more creepy guy stories to make me feel better.

edit: 6. I'm sleeping with a stinky Owen sweater because I kinda miss him...he left the province for two days, this morning.

I'm Sadie, and my AIM fails....

So, I'm new here, thanks to Manders!  She showed me this. And, I hadn't planned on posting anything here quite yet, but first, I fail, because as I was writing my subject line, I completely butchered spelling my own name. So, that's one!

Then, my AIM is the other failure. Check out the time stamps. Seriously!  Oh, and this was an RP between me and a friend, over IMing. It was Pete Wentz and my OFC, Quinne.

What makes it worse, is I went away for a while, I came back, and the time stamps were in sync again, and then ten minutes later, they were 8 minutes or so off again, and he was faster once more.  We played it off in fun though, so yeah.

That's just my first couple of fails for now though, I promise, there will be more.



Hey there. I hail from Puerto Rico, and I'm new to this community. (lol, hablo Espa~ol!)

I was bored, and couldn't sleep, so I started talking a friend of mine through Skype (I have a point, seriously) and we started talking about how abysmal public bathrooms are, especially in high school. (by the way, my friend's "t" key doesn't work! :O )

me: yeah, no, bathrooms at school are pretty bad already
my friend: indeed.
my friend: you should see CSI's. o_o
me: once I went in there... and I dunno, the girl before me was distracted or something cuz she totally FAILED! D:
my friend: ...
my friend: lolwu?
me: yah
me: she missed the toilet
me: Dx
my friend: ..........
my friend: bu she's a girl.
my friend: how is ha possible?
me: I KNOW! Dx
me: That's the creepy part!!!
my friend: ...
my friend: Ewww.
me: yah
me: I didn't go to teh bathroom in school the rest of the year! D:


Conor: "Like this?" I murmur, pressing two fingers into you, curving them up against your nerves. I tighten my grip on your cock, swiping my thumb over the head.

Daigo: "Yeah," I moan, sucking at your tongue. I clench my muscles, and rock my hips up. My hand keeps stroking your prock, rubbing the head against the head of my own from time to time, smearing precome.

Conor: (prock. XD )

Daigo: (FUCK. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT. XD I was looking at the television. I'm also posting this in ohfail.)

Conor: (XD)

Conor: (prock. sounds like rock. rock hard cock >3 )

Teach me to look at the television while I type. D=
14:04:53 Flower Chink: I AM GOING TO TOUCH MY BODY.
14:05:06 Flower Chink: I MEAN YOUR BODY
14:05:15 Flower Chink: shit.

Hey Micher. =3

when my shopping skills fail me, sob

yay first post here even though i've failed here before thanks to daj

So I bought this Hello Kitty shirt mooooonths ago right, and it was in the sleepwear section but I was like "oh it's probably mixed up" or just "fuck that I'm wearing it anyway, it's cute enough to be a shirt" and so I buy it.

It was pretty cheap so I didn't bother trying it on in the store, but when I got home I noticed it fit a little oddly. Like... it was my size and everything, but something seemed kind of off. And it seemed a bit tight around the chest. But whatever, that was probably just me being an oddly shaped retard or something. So I keep it, wear a couple times, fa la la la.

I was cleaning out my closet about an hour ago. I found that shirt. I remembered how it didn't fit entirely... properly and then I started to wonder why it was in the sleepwear section.

So I looked at it.

And looked at it.

And then, suddenly, FINALLY, it came to me. It's not a woman's shirt at all.

It's a child's nightdress.

My mother knows a guy,

who's last name is, get this, guys...




Unfortunate name, much?

And my mother?

HAS NO IDEA why I think it's such an unfortunate name.

Oh, mother dear.

You have much to learn of the internets.


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